Beautifully Spooktacular by Amanada

Being investigators, we consider many different aspects of the space we are investigating.  As much as we are there in the moment looking for something created within the space by an otherworldly being, we also must take the time to acknowledge the space itself and how it may attract, cause or even enhance what we think is within.

For example, when buildings in general are created, they are designed quite specifically.  The designers or builders have an idea in mind of what kind of space this will be, it will be created with the choices of how to make these ideas or dreams reality.

If we want light we put up grand windows, eclipse doors or lighting fixtures. This will make all our dark spots bright and as we all know without light there are no shadows.

If we want an area to entertain, we ask for open spaces with tall ceilings and plenty of room.  Give us great Acoustics where someone says something softly and it’s heard across the room with no effort but plenty of detection.   These open spaces that are full of light can often bring tons of opportunity for growing shadows and echoed moans.

Beautifully Spooktacular.

Now putting obvious “debunks” aside, what if your floors are made of stone and your water features are constantly flowing?  Will this help imprint the constant energies created?   What about electrical conduit and the basements “fear cage” theories?  I think it would be interesting to look back in history and see what Architectural designs or styles now hold the most haunted lore.

What about you?

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