Fraser River Kitteh!

I moved into my current dwelling 6 months ago.  It’s a peaceful place alongside the Fraser that offers me a view of our working river and the silence of history that is Poplar Island.  Although this blog is about neither (future blog potential is quite high) it’s about a furry four legged visitor that has been coming around as of late.

Mr. Kitteh came into our lives August 2010.  He was Best friends with our dearest Sookie and in all accounts he was the Cats Meow.  My Son Nathan named him, loved him and kept him by his side up until May 27th 2013.  Nathan (19) was moving back home after working up north and had sent Mr. Kitteh down prior to his bus trip.  Mr. Kitteh promptly ran away and didn’t come back.  We looked everywhere, we left food out and we even tried to bribe our other cat, St. Augustine, to tell us where he is. He told us nothing and now Mr. Kitteh is missed.

I have heard many stories of animals that have passed, continuing on in our lives as we knew them.  I have a dear friend who lives in Saskatchewan who believes they are daily visited by a departed dog, and whose other dog still spends part of her day playing with her old buddy.  In fact the surviving dog hasn’t really missed a beat in this relationship.

Is our deep and loving connection to our animals strong enough to outlast death?

Another different yet similar story of this connection is an old favourite of mine. In 1858 John Grey, a policeman with the Edinburgh City Police, passed away, leaving behind his best buddy, a Skye Terrier, reportedly named “Bobby”.

Now in this legend its not the spirit of a deceased dog that does not let go of his or her  Human, its a tale of a dog who does not let go of the spirit of their deceased Human. (Did I loose you?  read it again, its in there)

Bobby hung in until his death, 14 years later, keeping vigil at his departed’s gravesite.  In fact if you go to the Museum of Edinburgh you can visit Bobbys license and collar.  Visit the Greyfriars Kirkyard in Old Edinburgh and you will be able to visit not only his owners gravesite but his as well. My favourite part of the story is that to this very day if you are very lucky you will catch a glimpse of Greyfriars Bobby sniffing around.

But that’s in Scotland, by the Firth of Forth and we need to travel back to my story in Canada, by the Mighty Fraser.

I have watched; it’s not a rat or a racoon. It’s not the neighbors dog and it certainly is not fully–full.  Its not quite touching the ground and the colour I cannot describe.  It darts out of sight just when you see it and if given chase it simply just vanishes. It’s very much a cat and just to be clear, I don’t believe this is menacing or Pet semeteryish at all. I don’t think having a spirit cat hanging around is at all like Sr. Charles Baskerville and his hound. I’m not cursed, I’m not blessed – I’m just visited. The most i can say about it is: I think its Mr. Kitteh.

My Son has since gone back to his job in Alberta and it seems Mr Kitteh, the cat has indeed come back to ours!

What do you think? Do animals have special connections to us beyond the grave?  Both Ours and theirs? Let’s talk!Image


United we Stand.. Divided we FAIL!

Hello Coldspotters!

Heres a question for you!  Why can’t we all get along? I am constantly trouble at how many groups are out there and how many horrible things I have heard about them.  Every so often I hear a nice tidbit but usually I get a report of how inferior a certain group is or most recently – how idiotic my group seems.  Childish, and really I usually have no time for it & laugh it off but this month, I have taken note.  It is damn well ridiculous.  We started Coldspotters to grow as a community within our extended community of Paranormal Researchers, Enthusiasts, Home owners and Skeptics.  We started hosting events to make sure there was a safe place for all enthusiasts and intrigued minds to meet and exchange stories.  There is taboo around believing in ghosts and I know from experience that common names we all have heard is weirdos, creeps and quacks, so I will be darned if I ever let any negative influence take over my belief and vision of the safe space Coldspotters can be in any one life.  I will not tolerate beratement of any members or teammates, and I will not stand to have my or any Coldspotters name blurred by jealousy.

If you have a question, please ask it.

If you have a concern, please voice it.

If you have a challenge, stand up for it.

But please please do not take all the work, & all the ghosthunter passion pooling around this big blue “orb” and cast judgement and negativity on it.

What more in your opinion can we do to grow as a paranormal community?   I would like to hear examples and stories of how you have seen this in your lives.

Blessed be