Here’s a little agit for the never believer

As defined in Roget’s, the skeptic is…. One who instinctively or habitually doubts, questions, or disagrees with assertions or generally accepted conclusions.

That doesn’t sound very nice does it? The ghost hunter who wants to see the ghost but labels themselves as someone who by definition would never participate in such tom foolery as ghost hunting because they don’t believe in ghosts? What gives?

I’ll make an attempt to answer that. Because there are so many factors that could cause a person, or a building to give off the appearance of being infested with spirits or demons, the ghost hunter has to actually look at every piece of evidence wearing the skeptic’s hat in order to rule out all rational explanations. Even if a fully fledged ghost were to materialize out of a wall, walk up and say hello to our team, we could not discount the possibility of mass hysteria (as farfetched as even that might seem). It would have to be considered before submitting that encounter as proof or evidence of the afterlife.

Personally, I believe in the afterlife. Many do not. In the end though, one but one, we all get to find out. What we’re trying to capture evidence of is when that afterlife crosses paths with our own plane of existence. In the world of the paranormal Investigator, if it looks like ketchup and it tastes like ketchup, unfortunately, it probably isn’t ketchup. There are so many distractions on this rock we live on, both natural and unnatural that even the most definitive looking evidence or so called proof could in fact be something entirely different (and logical). People who are susceptive to high concentrations of electromagnetic energy for example, can easily give off the symptoms of living in a haunted house.

Sometimes though, and this is where the adventurous side of ghost hunting comes out, you simply have to suspend disbelief and allow the daring possibility that a ghost just materialized out of a wall, walked over, and said hello to your team because hey….could have been one.