They love to say Hi

I love EVP’s. When I’ve completed an investigation and get home, usually in the middle of the night, I won’t sleep until I’ve popped on the headphones and listened to at least a good hour of me asking if anyone would like to communicate, followed of course by stony silence. But every once in a while we get replies to these little one sided Q&A sessions and it’s always such a rush when you hear that little voice, from far away, giving you that one word universal greeting…Hi !! Sometimes they say more.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon. With the only possible exception of having a full torso apparition materialize in front of you or on camera, evp’s are a very coveted and sought after bit of evidence for a paranormal investigator to obtain. They can be recorded on almost any type of recording device ranging from the magnetic tape recorders to digital handheld units to even laptop computers, anything with a microphone, leave it running for a couple hours and you may just capture a little allo allo from the other side. By no means do you have to be an expert.

Have to remind myself on occasion of just how much energy it must take for them to break that barrier just to deliver those one or two words to us. It’s a completely different plain of existence and any type of communication takes so much patience and energy from both sides of the window that it’s no small wonder as to why I feel so drained afterwards.

The energy drain and time spent is well worth the investment when you capture that first evp, and then it reinvigorates you and that inner voice tells you to get out there and get some more.

So you googled EVP because you were curious to learn a little more and you happen to stumble across our blog when it came up in the search results and you’ve learned that you don’t have to be an expert in the occult or a seasoned paranormal investigator in order to record your own. You only need a recorder, ears, patience, and a little perseverance¬†will help more than will hurt. Try it out and you may just surprise yourself with what you find.


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