Year one complete and going strong

Almost half way through 2013, Coldspotters is a year old now, a little wiser, and a lot more organised. Over the passed few months we’ve had our core group stabilize into a team which, in all of our opinions, have really gelled.

Here’s whats been happening so far. We had a group trip to Victoria in March, the maritime museum which was an event put on by a paranormal team called “beyond belief” We participated in group evp sessions and various methods of communicating with the dead such as table tipping. It was a good time and we made some great new contacts.

Next up, we had a big public event at Mountain view Cemetery in Vancouver. We broke into teams of four and the team leads took their group to different parts of the cemetery. We really got spoiled on this event, we captured three A-class evp’s and had a lot of spiking on our instruments. The evp’s can be heard over at our youtube channel

We had a private home investigation in May and we’ve been invited back to do some follow up and early June brought us a private business investigation, so things have really begun to ramp up.

We revamped the wesbite recently and have our team biographies which will be posted, along with a lot of information about us, our events, the equipment we use, and the different types of hauntings that people can experience. Our website might not be the biggest one stop shop for paranormal enthusiasts, but it will offer alot of information and provide direction to other sites with much resources to offer. I was happy to see our google ranking go from page 25 of the search results to page 2 when searching for vancouver paranormal investigators.

Through the events and investigations, we still have our monthly lunches. This summer is going to be a busy one, both on the paranormal field and off. We’ll be having a summer bbq to celebrate our first year and by the time we get through July, we’ll be planning goodies for the always fast approaching halloween season…Last year I saw halloween stuff in stores as early as August, crazy stuff, glad it’s my favorite time of year.