The Shadow Man

I don’t know what a shadow person actually is. A ghost? a demon? a being from a parallel universe? No idea. But I wanted to write about it because it was due to an encounter with one such being that served as a springboard to my life long interest in the paranormal. There were other deciding factors as well along the way, certain family members who could do some pretty weird things, but it was that shadow man that kinda started it all.

1976. I was 7 years old. We lived in a modest home in a modest neighborhood with other modest home, small town meets suburbia. Sounds pretty nuclear doesn’t it? It was, but we didn’t go so far as to have a malt shop at the end of main street. The house we lived in was a 4 level split..This house in fact.


The upstairs window that you see was my bedroom. So what happened was that starting at no particular time of year, I began hearing footsteps coming down the hall towards my room, but never actually getting to my room, they seemed to get closer and closer, but never arrived. It scared me. I asked my dad about it and he explained it as air pockets in the heating vents making little pop pop pop noises up and down the hall…sounds feasible, sounds reasonable. Didn’t take me long to shoot a hole in that theory. A) this was in the middle of summer in northern Alberta in what is typically a dry and nasty place. pop pop pop noises in the heating vents would be an indication that the furnace was on. In the summer? Good try. I moved on from that theory, but tried to convince myself it was my older sister sneaking around, or the dog.

So moving onward, one night, several months after the footsteps began, I was in bed of course and the steps came down the hall, only this time, they kept coming and in through my door came this tall, grown man sized thing. It was completely black, it had depth and dimension, you could not see through it and it eclipsed the light from the hallway with it’s frame. It came into my room and I don’t know if I felt a sense of evil or dread coming from it, but by the sheer sight of it, I was frightened into shock paralysis and fainted less than a minute after it came in.

Several weeks later, exact same thing. Footsteps, large black entity in my room. This time, the dog went crazy barking, maybe that noise kept me from going into shock again or made me feel safe, but when the dog came to my room barking, I felt a charge of energy and I ripped out of that room faster than I had ever moved before, down to my parents room. I’ve never seen the shadow man since then, but up until my teen years, even in other houses, I still heard the footsteps. They became more infrequent as time went on until it stopped completely when I was about 16.


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