Mountain View Cemetery – The Colonel

Built in the 1800s as the first cemetery for the City of Vancouver, MVC houses several mayors, prominent people, and various socialites in addition to the hundreds of everyday people that populated the newly found city. It’s been known as a local haunt for years and when Amanda and I formed Coldspotters, this was where we made our first visit.

First of all, the cemetery is huge. It spans several blocks on Fraser from east 33rd to east 41st and is easily the length of a couple football fields wide. We canvassed most of the area and got the usual orbs on camera, for example.


I wanted to talk about one area in particular. We were in a section not  far from the main gate, and came across the weathered and worn tombstone of an army colonel that had been buried in mvc for about a hundred years or so. As soon as we got up close to it, we both felt an icy chill course through our bodies and a very pronounced energy. It was amazing and we both knew it wasn’t just a random breeze whipping through the area. Here is a pic of that grave.


Mountain View is full of energy and never disappoints when we visit, but this particular grave was quite remarkable with how much energy flowed off of it. I would highly recommend that anyone going on their own ghost walks to spend some time at this grave, it’s a definite coldspot. There is a large circular common area with fountains etc near the main gate, this grave is located in the area directly to the east of that. Check it out.


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