An extended “about us”

We get asked the question by new members at almost every event. How did you guys meet and get this group going? I keep meaning to type up a little bio and add it to the website and on meetup, just to give a little info and insight but I always got sidetracked (nice way of saying I forgot). But now I’ve got some spare time, kids are in bed, the house is quiet and I can sit here and type away. So how did it all happen?

Last February I joined meetup and began looking for a paranormal group to join. I came across ghost guide, signed up, and waited for the ghostly fun to begin. And waited. AAAAnd waited. For some reason or another, the group didn’t seem very active. This was, after all winter, and maybe this group was more of a seasonal thing, whichever the reasons, not much was happening and I was eager to get things going, I emailed several group members and posted on the site offering to host events, etc…no reply. A few months flew by and I had actually forgotten about the group when Amanda emailed and asked me if anyone had ever gotten back to me, which was a no of course. We bounced a few emails back and forth and got to know each other a little and decided to get together for some ghostly chatting over lunch.

We met at the Met which is a hotel and pub in the heart of New Westminster. It’s also a local haunt and a preferred lunching destination for other paranormal teams. We met for about an hour or so, exchanged ghostly stories and past experiences with ghost hunting and it was pretty much then that we decided to strike out on our own and Coldspotters was born.

Things took off pretty fast, as of this blogging, we’re only about 6 months old. We’ve had several great events, we’ve grown as a team, and most of all, we’ve met some great people along the way who have joined up with us.

Unfortunately, the group (ghost guide) that we met up through, and what was once the premier ghost hunting site for the city on meetup, was not destined for longevity and after discussions with that group’s founder and organiser, we agreed to merge and eventually absorb their members and resources into our group.

So that is our little story, up to now. We have a website, a couple of social media pages, a blog, over 100 unique members between the two groups with more to come, and a big, old city for us to explore. Doesn’t get any better.


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